/Byun Jung A

I know that I willing to do this kind of work with focusing friendly cooperation. And be on the role of between the teachers and students, when it naturally comes to a responsibility and a sort of pressure. So sometimes it makes me a stressful. But I can help something to whom they have directed me and been studying together. And also given helped something by them. Both of it is most good thing to me.

Hello, department of animation. Karts. what can I do for you?" this is a mention of a day which I have using a lot. . every time you can hear like this cheerfully,, if you make a phone call to depts office.
Tel/ 02 746 9554, 02 746 9568

/Kim Go Jin

Its most happy to be a staff of the Knua animation technical management field, where the most talented people are produced of the film technology
Although on my shoulders are the weight of the part of overcrossing the everyday developing software and hardware, and of the creators who must always be under the pressure of creation, I know it will be my pleasure to be a part of the making of a wonderful animation.


/Yoon Soon Jae

I have majored digital image design in my school days. so I feel very happy to make daily life with whom they love and major making animation. I've been always want to be good technical assistant of K'Arts students and professors and that makeing good relationship as well. of course sometimes I feel very hard to be a Technical management staff. but I'll trying to do my best to K'arts familly for their successful expression of creativity at school.




̿/Lee Woo Jer

some minutes of animation work requires a very long and tough process so it needs not only just a talent but also a great amount of passion and energy to be a professional in the field of animation. It seems more hard and pain staking work for students at KNUA animation with those hard trainings and I've seen it for several years working here.


I think assistant staff as a technician which is related with computers and other systems is very important for people at KNUA animation especially for whom can't work without these infrastructure and I'm in charge of organize them.

I'm here to prepare equipments which are for all through the work process from pre-production, pro-production to post-production and even to the sound process. And I always seek to find the effective way to treat them and use the most of them so it can leads student to the best way to creat their work.


I think making a right choice from the plannig leads a work to the success and it needs a good advice from the professional adviser. Being a technical supeviser is the vision of this job and I believe it's essential for the creative works.