ǰ/Kim Ui Geon

1990 ~ 1998 Graduate school of Theater & Cinema, Hanyang University. 1994~2003 Animation Producer, SICAF Curator, etc. 2004~2009 Theme Park Business Planner, Visionworks & Cuzco 2011~2015 Expert of Film Animation Team, CJ E&M 2016 President & CEO, AC Company.

/Baek Jeong Sook

M. A. in Graduate School of Journalism and Information, Sungkyunkwan University in Ph. D. in Research of Asia Culture, Sungkonghoe University My major field of work is critic about cartoons and comics, especially about the social influence of the cartoons, the history of cartoons and comics, and the interactive collaborations in cartoons and various fields of art. Research on the Oral History of Korean Cartoons (2008-2010, Bucheon Cartoon Information Center) Rediscovery of the Cartoonist Jeong, Hyun Woong (2012, Hyunsilbook Publishing) On the cartoons in the magazine <> (The modern bibliography review2016, Somyoung Publishing) 2016 President & CEO, AC Company.









ؾ/Kim Joon Yang

1990 ~ 1994 Mechanical design seoul national university
1994 ~ 1996 Graduate school of Mechanical design
1999 ~ 2001 Completion, Hongik University Graduate school Aesthetics

<Animation: An Interdisciplinary Journal>(London: Sage) Editor
Japan Society of Animation Studies, International Member
Indie-aniFest Programer

ϰ/Sung Wan Kyung

Seoul university collage of fine arts department of paintingEcole Nationale Superieure des Arts Decoratits, Paris Lecturer Seoul Women's University, Ewha Womans University,Konkuk University, Kookmin University, Inha University, Seoul University Seoul Women's University Professor(1980-1982)Inha University Professor



The concept of modern art(Moonye publisher,1994)

Korean modern art criticism(Yeolhwadang,1985)

Arts of industrial society(Yeolhwadang,1982)

Photo and Society(Hongsungsa,1977)

Leger & Machine age Aesthetics(Yeolhwadang,1977)













ϸ/Kim Il Lim

1997 B.A. in Japanese Language, Chung-Ang University, Korea 2006 M.F.A. in Aesthetics and Art History, Tokyo University of the Arts, Japan 2013 D.F.A. in Aesthetics and Art History, Tokyo University of the Arts, Japan

1997-1999 Editor, comics magazine , Korea 1999-2003 Staff Writer, moving pictures magazine , Korea 2001-2003 Columnist, film magazine , Korea 2006-2013 Student editorial board, the Journal of Aesthetics and Art theory , Japan

2007 Correspondent, Korean daily newspaper , Japan 2011-2012 Researcher, Hallym Academy of Sciences, Hallym University, Korea 2013 Professorial Lecturer, Department of Culture&Contents, HanYang University, Korea

2006 UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador Ikuo HIRAYAMA Scholarship, Japan

e-mail: sunnyforest@daum.net