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Korean Animation sweep over the whole awards of JAPAN POP CULTURE FESTIVAL 2008. Best Animation Award, <Muscle man>directed by KWAK Ki-hyuk, K'Arts Animation Dept. graduate.
Korean Animation sweep over the whole awards of "Anime-Cup" in "JAPAN POP CULTURE FESTIVAL 2008" in Osaka, Japan, during 18 -19 October, 2008.

Korea sweep over the three major categories, Especially, <Muscle man>(directed by KWAK Ki-hyuk, K'ARTS graduate) got a "Best Film Award". Korean team also got the "Entertainment Award" and "Team Award". Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan, 4 major asian countries participated this festival held in Gansai Int. Airport, the animation directors from these countries screened their films and conducted the competitive presentations.

Best film awarded <Muscle man(2007)>,the graduate film by KWAK Ki-hyuk, K'ARTS graduate is created with 2D animation skills and expressed exaggerated and kinetic action, rapid evolution of a plot superior to 3D in quality and directing skills.
This film was also selected at Major Competition in "Ancey Animation Festival 2008".

His another film <Polar Bear Inc.> got a "New Talent prize" in "Japan Digital Contents Grand Prix" and his new film, <Military Service> selected and screened as the opening film at the "Indie Ani-Fest". meanwhile, these films will be promoted at the "Student Indie Market" in "Puchon International Animation Festival 2008.

Recently, KWAK Ki-hyuk is directing a TV pilot film, <Robot Taekwon V-The Adventure of Bin> that is scheduled for completion in autumn.