International  Event

The visitation of the Professors and Students from Chinese animation University and Cultural and Educational Animation retated Organization.
10th of November, professors and students from China visited K'Arts and looked around the our School and Facilities.

The visitors were 24 people, Students from 10 Chinese animation University and 2 Educational and Animation retated Organization(professors from China Academy Art, Art College of Inner Mongolia University, Hubei University of Technology,
Zhengzhou University, WuhanUniversity of Science and Technology, Zhongnan University of Econmics and Law, Media College of Nanjing Arts Institute, Wuhan University, School of Software and Microelectronic School, Peking University and Festival Organizers from International Cartoon & Animation Festival-Exhibition Office, Committee of Industry Committee of China Animation Association. They had a meeting with the President of K'Arts, Dean of School of Film, TV&Multimedia and discussed the mutual academic cooperation and collaboration of educational program.