KNUANI MFA activity

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[Brand Name] Anima Musée=Animation Museum

Anima Musée is the brand of DMMG Laboratory in Department of Animation, School of Film, TV & Multimedia, Korea National University of Arts. A brand name represents the spirit of creativity & Innovative Energies in content creation and experiments.

Experimentation & Research

Anima musee is an advanced digital animation, software technology and education development group. We have many ongoing research projects cover the experiments to advanced animation skills and technologies in the different areas of Computer Animation.
We focused on a research in Art & Technologies to break through the defined boundary beyond the methodology and Category of orthodox animation.

Anima Musée Now

In 2007, anima musée set a plan of the two core project and established the DMMG(Digital Motion Graphics)Lab. DMMG Lab is working on these projects at the moment for development of new application for animation production and educational research for a students and professional. Two projects are "NPR(Non Photorealistic Rendering) Animation creation" and "Development of Aimation Solution Kit". The Technology and Applications Development subgroup are responsible for educational methodology and software development. The members of the Computer Image developer subgroups conduct researches on the digital imagery and create 3D visualization.two core projects are now under way and running for four years together.

results of NPR(Non Photorealistic Rendering) Animation development linked to Development of Aimation Solution Kit and can be a effective database networking tool on a support project "motion pattern library" and a derivative project "On/Off-line promotion system". Our projects will be continued until 2011. ISAT(International Symposium for Art and Technology) is our first time to introduce our Pilot Outcome Results. This symposium held in October 2008.