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1. AT Media Education Lab

1. AT Media Education
2. Solution for Integrated Pre-Production
. Developement of Alternative Networked-Media Center

In the Age of Ubiqitous Computing, Multitude and even Professional Artist need to expand their Media Literacy. This Project aims to overcome the barriers between media by using digital technology, and aims to suggest the trans diciplinary and Alternative Model of Media Education

2. AT Clinic Lab

1. Kino-Ani Drama
2. Healing Core Matrix
3. Healing Travelogue
4. Healing Paasage

AT Clinic lab foucuses on developing Kino-Ani Drama, whole new performance format whichi combines arts and multi-media technologies to console media addiction. Also the lab plans to materialize Healing Passage based upon Kino-Ani Drama and various consoling-related database.

3. Digital Processing Archiving Lab

1. Digital Processing Archiving : An Archive of the study course and finalized contents
2. CPPMS : Contents Production Process Management System
3. Display : Research of display evironment and digital image analysis

Digital Processing Archiving Lab. : An Archive for the conversion of processing source and products into digital art education contents.

4. U-Tech Performance Lab

1. sound & sensor pratical technology research &

2. digital image synthesis expression technology
3. obzee & robot technology & development

The U-tech Performance Lab, led by Prof. Won Il, studies the form of artistic expression which is caused by combining the Korean traditional art with digital technology.

5. U-Smart city Artware kinetics lab

1. ACM : Artware city maual & master planning
2. SRI : Screening & incubating of RFID combiation
3. DCS : Develop culture city artware solution

Study on a new paradigm of urban development and development of U-intellectual soultion through new combination of hardware and artware.

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