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Memorandum of Understanding

between Korea National University of Arts and Entertainment Technology Center, Carnegie Mellon University, U.S.A

This agreement is a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between K'ARTS and ETC. 9th of October, Se-hyung Park, Dean of School of Film, TV & Multimedia and Donald Marinelli, Executive Producer, ETC-Global, Entertainment Technology Center have signed an agreement.  

Through this memorandum of understanding, K'ARTS and CMU-ETC will collaborate to develop and to strengthen global competitiveness of Korean game industry. Through this collaboration, K'ARTS exercises its leadership in developing creative talents with global vision and experiences in the Korean game industry, and CMU-ETC pursues its efforts to globalize interactive digital media education and research for the entertainment technology.  

The collaboration between K'ARTS and CMU-ETC may include the following: Developing curriculum for education and training program of the Game Creative Promotion Center and building up the relationship with CMU-ETC to set the global standard in the videogame industry.    

CMU-ETC will to cooperate with K'ARTS to offer its students who are completed the 144 credit points on their major subject in art skills (72 credit points for general university) the Master of Entertainment Technology degree (MET) course in the United States CMU-ETC and K'ARTS wishto cooperate for the establishment of the combined program with undergraduate and graduate course of K'ARTSand MET of CMU-ETC, by considering the properties of K'ARTS where its major studies are focused on practical training.;