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 KNUANI Ubiquitous ART & Technology Lab                 
 Let's go to the blue ocean of Art & Technology         

The first ISAT, held last year, tried to find out the "lightning effects" resulting from the encounter of art and science-technology through the catchwords of "lightning rod of mind." The second ISAT this year will search for the meaning of such encounter in the theme of the "Shift to Third Space" in connection with the new dimensional shift resulted by the ubiquitous computer technology.
The Shift key of personal computer plays the role of expanding functions by cooperating with other keys. This year's ISAT uses the Shift key as its logo, a metaphor for the magical transformations realized by the encounter of art and technology and by the ubiquitous technology which opens the way for communication between human beings and tacit space and things.

If the ubiquitous computing technology could link the real space and cyber space and turn them into a new "third space," it will bring a radical change to human perception, perception mode and the entire modus vivendi. This year's symposium will focus on finding out what kind of changes the third space would bring to art and technology and their encounter, in particular.