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6. Intelligent Sound Lab.

1. Development Sound effect algorithm
2. Building Intelligent sound effect library
3. Development Real-time sound-image matching protocol

Intelligent Sound Lab. develops algorithm for real-time synthesis of realistic sound effect for various media contents. these sound effects are produced automatically, by data of analyzing contents. we develop algorithms that are efficient, physically-based, and can be controlled by user in natural ways.

7. Digital Media Motion Graphics Lab

1. Development NPR model contents
2. Development animation production engine
3. Building Motion pattern library

Anima Musee, With expanding the traditional concept of 'Animation', DMMG Lab makes a 'prototype model' for animation based on NPR and, by building the library of model, materials, motion and effect sources, facilitates a 'Standalone-on-Network' in which enables a man to manage the entire process of making animation alone. By doing above things, DMMG Lab develops the solution engine for animation-making, which integrates a variety of the creation process in fine arts and lots of contents in popular culture as well.

8. Flow eXperience based Cultural Design Lab

1. FXD: Flow eXperience Design
2. VAT: Visual Arts Technology
3. CDPI: Cultural Design Process Innovation

As a pioneer in the field of media art and technology, our team work together to coordinate contents development for integrative events where people can be actively involved to experience and participate, and to enhance FXD(Flow Experience Design) beyond industrial design. We also seek to establish a paradigm and production process of a new cultural design through VAT (Visual Arts Technology).

9. Art & Play Lab

1. developing experiential space formats of 'art-play'.
2. developing alternative game formats
3. developing interactive mobile contents for play.

Through combining imagination of arts and its aesthetic sense with various modes of play such as game, mobile and toy, Art and Play Lab aims to develop "play contents" for interactive life-long learning. Especially, it contributes to enjoy the leisure life pleasurable and useful to everyone by way of developing interactive mobile contents for play, to produce an alternative game for minority, and to invent the experiential space formats of 'art-play'.

10. Digital Media Contents Formatting Lab

1. status and prospects research of industries for DMCF
2. intellectual property rights studies for DMCF
3. Developing program of CMC Lab
4. Developing of production manual for DMCF
5. Construction of Cyber Idea Bank
6. Planning of pilot projects for DMCF

we propose that in deference to creative power of original idea, set up a foundation of the originator of something such as idea of media contents and are willing to presentation new paradigm of media contents creative process as the Web 2.0 took off

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