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U-AT means consilience between ubiquitous computing technologies and the arts in the narrow sense, or education for promoting the wider consilience of the humane & social studies and science & technology.
Consilience signifies 'jumping together and linking all the branches of learning', which is derived from the Latin word consilere, formed from con-, with, and salire, to leap and was used by the 19th century philosopher William Whewell who gave us the word science.

The main goal of jumping together supported by U-AT labs is to organize Research-Creation-Education-Industrial Academic Cooperation System encouraging communication and harmony of 6 genres of art such as music, drama, visual arts, dance and traditional arts and to construct Educational System for Multi-source Multi-Use(MSMU) Content Production needed in the era of multichannel and multimedia.

U-AT project is divided into 4 categories: Basic Labs(BL), Application Labs(AL), Connection Labs(CL) and R&D. These divisions have 10 labs.

1. Basic Labs(BL)
- Algorithm for Special Sound Lab: education for auto-generated contents production of sound and image
- Performance Creation & Education Lab: education for contents creation of digital music and dance blending traditional and contemporary style through high technologies
- VAT FXCD Lab: education for contents creation on image, space and new media convergence
- Motion Graphics for Digital Media Lab: education for contents production of non-photographic imaging technologies

2. Application Labs(AL)

- U-Smart City Lab: education for contents production of blueprints of ubiquitous city
- Art & Play Lab: development of alternative art & play, education for contents production for mobile electronics and toys with artificial intelligence
- U-AT Clinic: education for content creation for art therapy based on the concept of ubiquitous and consilience

3. Connection Labs(CL)
- U-AT Media Education Lab: education for development of ubiquitous media education programs and simulation solutions
- Digital Archiving Lab: to build the infrastructure essential to multi-source and multi-use by networking and archiving the sources and processes of 9 Labs and a R&D project

4. R&D
- Digital Media Content Formating Project: planning and development of new TV content format necessary for broadcasting communication convergence of multichannel and multimedia

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